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Eid 2021 Event Coupon

Happy Eid for all Muslims around the world, We celebrating the holy days of Eid in @Dragon Nest Ze...

Patch Notes CAP 60

New Level Cap! Now the maximum level a character can reach is level 60. Added a new Att...

Patch Notes - 05.16.21

General Changes Added a new Attendance Event! make sure to login everyday to collect your rew...
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The World of Altea Needs Heroes!

Choose between 9 unique classes with highly professional skills to become one of the heroes who build and protect the world of Altea from what hide in the darkness.
The time has come for our heroes to rise with us!


Is the game free to play?
Of course, Dragon Nest Zero is free to play. We focus on making the game not "P2W". After all, the game requires skill more than anything else.
How can I download and enter the game?
You can simply download Dragon Nest Zero from the Game Download Page which contain the game download links, but in order to log in the game you will need to create your account through our Accounts System, then verify the process via your email to be able to use Qenite Games services.
What should I do if I have a question or require help?
we recommend using the Dragon Nest Zero Forums to get any needed help ASAP. For important matters you could contact us through our Help Center or read the game help articles.
What is the game language?
Dragon Nest Zero is a one of a kind, it's a Global server which makes it very unique. We provide the game in many languages ​​and the ability to play on different regions. The game is currently served in Arabic, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish language.
What is the game region? Where can I play it from ?
Dragon Nest Zero is a global server which can be played from anywhere in the world. Players get to choose the regions they play on in-game which can be one of EU, MENA, NA, SA and more to come later.