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Dragon Nest one of the best anime MMORPGs

Dragon Nest is a fantasy MMORPG. As a hub-based game, it employs a non-targeting combat system to maximize players control over their actions. Choose from one of nine classes and enter a world divided into instances, or dungeons, where players enter alone or with a party to defeat enemies until reaching the boss. A whimsical art style makes for fluid combat animations as players employ a large range of skills. Frequent voice-over dialogues and a suitable soundtrack add up to an immersive world. After leveling, put your skills to the test by competing with other players in the PvP arena. Or, differentiate yourself by purchasing from a collection of elaborate cosmetic items.

Some of game features

Community & Relationships

Parties, Guilds and Friends! Live your virtual life here with all of its meanings with us. So, are you ready for the joy?

Pets & Mounts

A mount to arrive faster? Or a pet to help you complete your adventure? You'll find a lot of those here!

Fierce Monsters

Do you think you can beat them? Try it! You'll find strong monsters and bosses waiting to be challenged.

Farming, Cooking & Fishing

If you have plenty of time, why not spend it fishing, cooking, or even farming ? You'll find a lot of benefits in our farms!


Dragon Nest has many special classes, so are you ready to pick one and start writing your own story?

Want More?

Then you will get it! Join the game now and enjoy much much more features to experience by yourself!